Get Involved

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. ~ Thomas Merton


The Art of the Volunteer

Every program, activity, class and event hosted by Stroud Arts begins with the idea of 'Wouldn't this be fun!' However the fun can't occur without a  team of people working together to bring the fun to life. Please consider volunteering and bring the fun to life in Stroud,

Upcoming Events for Art Volunteers

Actors: We have opportunities for Stage, Film, Stand Up, Pod, Sketch and Improv.

Film Technicians: For our August event.

Stage Technicians: For Charlotte's Web.

Halloween: We need monsters and crew.

Artist as Teacher's

If you have an artistic skill that you would enjoy teaching, whether in one or many sessions, then please contact Stroud Arts to discuss the specific goals and needs of your project including class size, age/skill level, materials needed, instructor compensation package and how we can work together to bring your creative idea to life.