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Stroud Arts Improvisational Group

Stroud Arts Improv Action Theater is open to participants of all ages and performance skill levels. You just have to want to play and be a bit silly.

Stroud Arts Kids Arts & Crafts Series

Current Kids classes focus on arts and crafts and are open to all skill levels.

Live Storytelling Series

Most storytelling involves an audience passively listening to someone recite the actions of the characters in a mostly familiar story to the predetermined conclusion.  In our Live Storytelling Series the characters are in front of the audience portraying their actions in the story, sometimes taking actions on their own and occasionally, completely derailing the traditional story until what results is a totally new creation!

This series is open to all creative and playful ages.


Members from the Improv Action Theater team have formed a Murder Mystery performance troupe that can bring  an evening of fun, interactive entertainment to your location. Your guests drive the plot and character interactions as the murderer is uncovered through shrewd deductions, audience suggestion and shocking revelations. 

Membership in the MM Troupe is by invitation and audition. 

Reviews and Comments

Zombie Escape and Zombie Shelter Defense 2017

  I'm so glad we did this! I had a lot of fun!  Adrienne Clingenpeel

 This was amazing. Thank you Stroud Arts for doing this.!  Marlena Freeman 

Charlotte's Web 2018

 We enjoyed it so much! Performers and costumes were awesome! Donna McClure Ingram

You guys did such an amazing job. I can't wait for the next one! Cindy Hulburt

 Was a beautiful show and cast did a terrific job! Family loved it and is looking forward to the next one. Antionette Anderson-Keeth

You guys did an amazing job!!! Candace Powell Campbell