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Who are we?

A non profit art initiative organization

Stroud is a small town in North Central Oklahoma at the intersection of Historic Route 66, I-44 and Highway 99. Our 2,800 residents live within sixty miles of the largest metropolitan areas of Oklahoma and the major state universities. A region that hosts 2.5 million Oklahoman's! Being centrally located, we can easily access the diverse world-class artistic and cultural programs and events found throughout the region. However, even though it is fun to go to another communities event and see their members perform or display their craftsmanship, we want to have diverse art events and artistic training programs in our town and for our town. These events, programs and classes will be the broad platform where our community and regional residents can perform, entertain and display their skills and craftsmanship for their family, friends and neighbors.  

Unfortunately like many typical modern small Midwestern towns, when it comes  to 'Art' and the cultural value placed on it, other than the excellent programs offered by Stroud Public Schools, Stroud is somewhat of an art desert.


Stroud Arts was formed by  community members, educators and artists seeking to improve the Quality of Life and economic growth for its residents and community neighbors. By providing an ongoing initiative that ties students, children, families, businesses, service organizations and individuals together we will create a community that supports the development, creation, and upkeep of local and regional art. 

What are we?

Stroud Arts is a non profit 501c3 located in Stroud Oklahoma. Check out our sponsor page to see those that have graciously donated to make Stroud Arts happen.

Why we exist

 Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. ~ Pablo Picasso 

Be a part!

If you are curious about how you can be involved with Stroud Arts in Stroud Oklahoma and focus on your artistic passion then hit the button below to get involved. Stroud Arts exists to help you bring your artistic passion to life, whether you want to; take an art class or teach an art class; perform or assist with production on stage, film or podcast; write a novel or script, or help someone else do the same. If you are an existing artist, we want to assist you in promoting your art so that you can progress on your journey.  Hit the button below when you are ready to get involved.

Featured Events

Haunted House and Escape Room

Stroud Arts is going retro this year! We are throwing it back with a traditional haunted house with ghosts, vampires, witches and zombies. Appropriate for ages 8 and up.
Special kids hour 6pm-7:30 on Halloween night for smaller children.

Additional Escape Room Event Upstairs
You and your team have 30 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape the bomb!

Stroud Arts Adult Prom 2019

Go back in time to high school at our Adult Prom. TBA

Contact Us

Stroud Arts

214 Main Street, Stroud, Oklahoma 74079, United States