Stroud Arts Board of Directors

David M. Timmons

David has always been involved in the arts or specifically, art as play. As a child he painted model airplanes, made WW 2 dioramas, had imaginary adventures and battles against the forces of evil with Superhero Action Figures (Not Dolls), tried to draw (He says he cant draw) and write (He says he's getting better) comics of the action stories he created in his imagination.

He discovered that the new entertainment medium (1976) of RPG games allowed him to bring his stories to an appreciative audience and this positive feedback led him to  study theater in High School and College.

He is active in all forms of theater and always works hard to produce a quality product but his greatest successes are being married to Lusetta Fennell Timmons and raising two wonderful daughters.

Raquel LeMaster

Patricia Keeth

Patricia Keeth has been involved with theater on stage and behind the curtain most of her life. She believes fully in the Arts, being able to act in different ways helps kids/adults be able to open up and get out of their shell. She has seen this with her own daughter.  She was part of the Stroud King Arthur Faire where she met her loving husband.  They now have a beautiful daughter and are expecting another beautiful daughter in September. 

Kristy Coleman

 Kristy Coleman was born and raised in Lincoln County. Kristy is a mother of 5 beautiful, highly spirited human beings. She is a writer, artist, teacher, and student. Kristy loves to create things whether it’s through woodworking, ceramics, glassblowing, painting, or fabric. She found her calling in the creative world after life taught her to see things in a simpler, more beautiful, perspective.  She is also an advocate for Moyamoya disease and helps raise money for those affected by Moyamoya 

Pam Clement

Pam was born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming, moving with her family to Oklahoma City when she was 16. A few years later she married her husband of 48 years Danny Clement. They have a son Christopher who is in the Air Force. Pam shares a love of painting with her father, who was a talented amateur artist himself. She started painting as a hobby after getting married and realized she enjoyed it. So she enrolled in lessons. Her favorite mediums are acrylics and water colors. Pam eventually joined the Oklahoma City Arts Association which opened up many opportunities to meet other artists and attend other Art Festivals such as Pioneer Arts Festival, Hobart Ok Art Show, Paseo Arts Festival and the very first Art Show at the OKC Community College Arts Festival in 1982. Pam and her family moved to Stroud in 1997 where she put her art on the back burner other than collaborating with her brother as the illustrator of a book "Monyum Bay Time Travel" and the cover page of the Magazine "The Corridor". Pam is a founding board member of Stroud Arts and is devoted to bringing the love of art to the Stroud Community. She is also a member of Beta Sigma Phi.

Beau Bukowski

Beau Bukowski has always enjoyed the natural art and beauty of mother nature. He appreciates everything from forests and mountains to caves and oceans. He has also spent a lot of time admiring the craftsmanship of tradesmen from ancient times to modern. Beau was first introduced to the joys of theatre about 10 years ago by a very good friend and has since developed a passion for it both on and off the stage. He originally got involved in the Stroud Arts to give the kids in the community that are like his son, and either can't or have no interest in participating in sports, an alternative for something else to do with their time. He is very proud to be part of Stroud Arts and looks forward to watching the arts in all its forms grow in his community in the many years ahead. 

Lusetta Fennell

Lusetta Fennell is an actress, director and writer who also enjoys learning about anything that allows her to be creative. She moved to Stroud 19 years ago when she and her husband began The King Arthur Faire. She served as Secretary, Treasurer, box office and trash picker upper for 10 years. She is currently a small business owner of Lusetta's Fresh Grub and co-owner/proprietor of the start up Parados Productions.  She has been married to her knight 25 years and has two beautiful daughters.

Previous Board Members

Founders and Incorporators

Don Neal, Tommy Smith, Tina Livingstone, Danielle Skelton

Before the Building was Complete

Aleta Smalley, Renee Spahr, Susan Bass,    Chris Larkin, Chris Messer, Traci Booze

Moving into the Building

Mark Lozier